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It’s another LIVE MUSIC SUNDAY at Zocalo!

Sunday, June 2 | 6 pm start | Zocalo (Downtown Mall)

Music by Otra Vez

Dance floor. Free entry. Good menu.

Otra Vez
features the talented Matty Metcalfe on accordion, David Jacobs on percussion, Miles Pearce on guitar.

Welcome to Charlottesville Tango!

Charlottesville Tango is social dance club. We are also all-volunteer and not-for-profit . We offer weekly classes, practicas, a regular Saturday night milonga as well as workshops and festivals throughout the year. We love dancing, meeting new friends and sharing with the community.

Check out our calendar and we'll see you on the dance floor!

Our TANGO ON WATER studio is located at 208 E. Water Street, near the Downtown Mall.


Wednesday Night Guided Practica

Nathan and Sarah will be guiding our evening practica and teaching groovy new steps and sequences.

Wednesdays 7:30 - 9pm

Community Announcements


Parking in the Water St garage is open 24 hours. It’s is directly above the studio. The first hour is free and if you leave the garage after 1am (Thursday-Saturday) then parking is completely free. Reason to tango on!

We did it!

In 2018 we raised $6,000 for our new Water Street studio. We truly appreciate your help. All donations went directly toward a new wood floor, kitchenette, lighting, sound, paint and window shades. With your help, we've turned our new venue into something beautiful and worth the visit. It really is like dancing Tango on Water.



Every Saturday night, Charlottesville Tango hosts our weekly milonga. Be sure to check the calendar for changes and details.

Milongas are social dances for Argentine tango. They are a great time to dance, try out what you learned in lessons, and meet the greater tango community! 

Cost: $15 for regular milongas. Price includes light refreshments.

Save money & check out our monthly memberships

Calendar of Events



We are proud to present a new dance community and monthly event in Charlottesville, Virginia.

West Coast Swing class with Gaia and Ilon at 8pm

Dance starts at 9pm.



Starting June, First Friday Fusion is an event for dancers who are proficient in their dancing and want a space to dance with other non-beginner dancers of all genres and be free of the confines of specific genre. This event is geared at dancers who have the desire to use their skill as leads and follows in partner dance to explore, practice, and break barriers within dance. Each month, we will have a class taught by dance teachers of all different dance backgrounds, teaching a dance style, connection techniques, styling, drills and so much more. If you are looking to level up your already established dancing, this event is for you!

You: Ideally, you are an experienced dancer who is proficient in leading and/or following 1 or more partner dance genres (Salsa/ Bachata, West Coast Swing, Zouk, Kizomba, Argentine Tango, Blues, East Coast Swing/ Lindy Hop, Ballroom and more). Your passion at dance events is less drinking and socializing but connection on the dance floor and being inspired by the music.

Music: The music will be non-traditional music that we can clearly partner dance to, unrestricted from being identified as a song you could only dance one style to.

Where: We are so wonderfully lucky to have the location of Tango on Water, 208 Water St E, in Charlottesville.

When: We intend for this to be a once monthly event. Tentative schedule is First Fridays of each month.

How do I get into the event? Two ways:

Get invited: if you’re invited, you can sign up for the event. You can also invite two other people (regardless of if you plan on attending the event or not). We recommend you invite people you’d be excited to practice dancing with.

Submit an application: if you think you would get a lot from this event, please submit an application. We’ll save half the spots for applicants. Applications and invitations will be up and out soon!

The events will be capped. Once all tickets are sold, there will be very limited amount of tickets at the door.



Practica is a time to dance, practice, try out new moves, and discuss what works – and what works better! Often, the host, in addition to DJ-ing, will share an idea, movement, or tool/exercise and will be available to answer questions and offer suggestions. This is a great bridge for beginning dancers between classes and milongas, and is a great opportunity for more experienced dancers to share their tips and work on refining their skills.

Practica Dress code: Casual

Cost: $10 for Nathan & Sarah’s Thursday night practica.

Calendar of Events


Charlottesville Tango  offers classes by local instructors on a regular basis for all ranges of experience. See the calendar for upcoming classes!

Calendar of Events


Charlottesville Tango  is striving to provide a growing Argentinte Tango community, both in number of participants as well as skill level. Bringing in top-notch instuctors for short intensives is one way to present new material and concepts, link to the broader world-wide community, and keep our local community alive and vibrant.

These intensives and workshops are often referred to as Festivals in the tango community.

Calendar of Events


Occasionally Charlottesville Tango will have guest teachers visit our studio to provide classes with a particular focus in tango. Check below for any upcoming workshops that we have planned.

Calendar of Events

Private Lessons

When we have guest teachers in the area they often offer a chance for private lessons at the studio. If there are opportunities for private lessons at Charlottesville Tango, they will be shown on the calendar.

Calendar of Events