Gustavo Benzecry Saba & Maria Olivera

They got to know each other at the end of 2003 in small dance studio in Palermo, where Gustavo was teaching. Shortly after that they started their joined journey first with enjoying dancing together and spending time together, the moments they will never forget. They started learning one another as dancers, teachers and humans, this is where the love came into play.


Today, they enjoy working together even more, they share experiences and concepts, they developed their own unique style of teaching, they teach together and above all they learn from their experiences, dancing and students.They live and work in Buenos Aires, they are one of the regular teachers at one of the most renowned milongas in Buenos Aires – Salon Canning, but they are also teaching in other “salones porteños“ (Argentinian salons). They travel all over the world teaching at tango festivals, workshops and other international events. Their classes are filled with very friendly atmosphere, good humor and warmth. Gustavo’s teaching is full of wisdom and reflexion which is transmitted onto his students with serenity and patience. Maria on the other hand boosts the class with her amazing energy, vitality, passion and dynamism.