Milonga Hosts

Milonga hosts are a vital part of the tango experience. Hosts are the face of Charlottesville Tango to visitors, new dancers, and first time attendees, as well as regulars. Maintaining the space and events takes lots of time and energy. 

Consider hosting a milonga to help keep this Tango community strong.

Upcoming Milongas

"Hosted by TBD" means we are looking for a volunteer for this date!

Contact Dina to Volunteer!

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What Does a Milonga Host Do?

  • Prepare the space and open the room.
  • Provide light snacks (small budget available).
  • Greet the public and help first timers feel comfortable.
  • Play the music.
  • Clean up and lock the room

Can I Be a Host?

Absolutely. All hosts are volunteers and you are invited to participate.

But ... But ... I Don't Know How to DJ

Don't worry. Charlottesville Tango has several pre-made milonga playlists that you can just run. If you have aspirations to be a Tango DJ, oppotunities and guidance are also available.