Charlottesville Tango Instructors


Dave and Betsy

Dave and Betsy have made a great contribution to help our community grow. Their visits to Buenos Aires planted a deep and passionate affection for the dance which they share with their students.

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Visiting Instructors


Natalia Grisel Aguero & Agustin Venturino

Natalia and Agustin, our international Argentine guest instructors, currently in residence in Richmond. They hold creative workshops in Charlottesville on occasion.

Together they have based their teaching methodology on the analysis of movement, creating a study of tango that starts from the deepest essence of movement and grows into the complexity and subjectivity of music interpretation.

Building upon each student's knowledge of body awareness and connection and using simple and rational explanations and exercises, they have taught and guided hundreds of people to expand their body awareness and knowledge about dance, achieving fluid, authentic, harmonic, comfortable, and natural movements.

Their teaching methodology has astonished people from different countries such as Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium.

Together they has being invited to participate in the 1º Encontro de Etnias in Brazil and to perform in prestigious milongas from Buenos Aires and the world, such as, Bendita Milonga (San Telmo, Buenos Aires - Argentina), Milonga de la Galeria (San Martin, Buenos Aires - Argentina), TangoLoft (Stuttgart - Germany), Russian Festival (Trier - Germany), Milonga Only (Amsterdam - Netherlands), Teatro Munganga (Amsterdam - Netherlands), and more.


Javier Rochwarger

In Buenos Aires Javier Rochwarger teaches with El Grupo Graciela Gonzales for the annual Festival de Tango de la Cuidad Beunos Aires. He also instructs with Cristina Cortes at the Escuela Argentina de Tango. He has a practical and complete understanding of the body’s mechanics as it applies to tango for which he is a master of communicating to all levels. He is highly praised by his students for his personal attention, patience, practical approach and teaching insights. He has a delightful and warm sense of humor.

Esquina Tango describes Javier as a warmly intense and generous talent belonging to Buenos Aires’ newer generation of tango dancers. Capital tangueros have nicknamed him the “El Limpiador” or “The Cleaner”given his consummate tidy-up and polishing skills. Javier has a fluid and intimate style of dancing. He seamlessly integrates a variety of influences and will provide you with valuable insights regardless of whether you consider yourself a devotee of milonguero style or a nuevo tango renegade. Javier is a favorite of the DC tango and Eastern Market community and became an integral part of Charlottesville Tango where he come back each year for Tango Oblivion not only as our maestro but also as our dear friend.


Anna León

Our resident tango maestra from Richmond, Anna is teaching classes for beginners in Charlottesville.

Anna León grew up in Los Angeles listening to tango music at her grandparents’ asados. After graduating from college, she decided to defer her career in architecture for her new-found love of teaching tango. For the next 5 years she split her time between touring the United States and living in Buenos Aires. After a year of living and teaching in Boston, she decided to finally settle down in Richmond.

Anna blends elements of golden era tango teaching techniques with more contemporary views of the lead and follow relationship. "It's important that we learn to speak the whole language. I focus on teaching the iconic gender roles that existed in Buenos Aires in the 30's and 40's, and with this knowledge we can dance the tango with a rich Argentine accent." 

Forever a student of the dance, she continues to learn from her mentor, Daniel Trenner in Massachusetts. When in Buenos Aires she studies extensively with her inspirations and maestros Cecilia Garcia and Julio Balmaceda. Anna León has taught and performed in cities across North America from Los Angeles to Montreal. When she isn't teaching, social dancing, studying or performing, she is working on her tango clothing line, Forever Ochos, and her new shoe line, Anna León Buenos Aires.


Rosalía Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos

Rosalía Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos are professional tango performers, instructors and choreographers based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have been members of the permanent cast of the highly prestigious tango shows in Buenos Aires “Esquina Homero Manzi” and "Viejo Almacén." They’ve dance with renowned dance companies such as the critically-acclaimed “Tanguera” by Mora Godoy and “Entre Borges y Piazzola” by Juan Carlos Copes.” They were summoned by the Opera House of the Colón Theatre to join the cast of the opera "Maria de Buenos Aires” by Horacio Ferrer and Piazzola. 

Rosalía and Alejandro have participated in many tango festivals all over the world, performing on the same stage with such artists as Alberto Podesta,  Adriana Varela, María Graña, Horacio Ferrer and more. In 2009, they choreographed and organized their own tango show and took more than 14 dancers and a complete tango orchestra on tour in South Korea with great success. Recently they have been part of “SWANGO,” the renowned West Coast Swing and Tango fusion, working with directors like Robert Royston and Mariela Franganillo, presented Off-Broadway in New York City, 2015. At the present, they alternate shows at prestigious hotels, halls and venues of the Federal Capital inside and outside the country. During all their tours, Rosalía and Alejandro have given classes and workshops, offering their extensive experience as dancers and teachers.


Gustavo Benzecry Saba & Maria Olivera

They got to know each other at the end of 2003 in small dance studio in Palermo, where Gustavo was teaching. Shortly after that they started their joined journey first with enjoying dancing together and spending time together, the moments they will never forget. They started learning one another as dancers, teachers and humans, this is where the love came into play.


Today, they enjoy working together even more, they share experiences and concepts, they developed their own unique style of teaching, they teach together and above all they learn from their experiences, dancing and students.They live and work in Buenos Aires, they are one of the regular teachers at one of the most renowned milongas in Buenos Aires – Salon Canning, but they are also teaching in other “salones porteños“ (Argentinian salons). They travel all over the world teaching at tango festivals, workshops and other international events. Their classes are filled with very friendly atmosphere, good humor and warmth. Gustavo’s teaching is full of wisdom and reflexion which is transmitted onto his students with serenity and patience. Maria on the other hand boosts the class with her amazing energy, vitality, passion and dynamism.


Homer and Cristina Ladas

Homer Ladas is a personality of tango and nuevo in the US. He began dancing tango in 1997 and has taught tango since 2002. His dance style has been influenced by, among others, Gustavo Naveira. Since 2001 he has been dancing with his wife Cristina Ladas Her tango teachers have included Graciela Gonzalez, Luciana Valle, Guillermina Quiroga. She has danced tango since 1998. Homer and Christina provide a series of original tango instructional videos on YouTube taken at the end of their classes occasionally accompanied with written notes. In 2012 during the New Earth festival in Prague Homer played his first bandoneon solo and Christina performed aerial silk.