Javier Rochwarger

In Buenos Aires Javier Rochwarger teaches with El Grupo Graciela Gonzales for the annual Festival de Tango de la Cuidad Beunos Aires. He also instructs with Cristina Cortes at the Escuela Argentina de Tango. He has a practical and complete understanding of the body’s mechanics as it applies to tango for which he is a master of communicating to all levels. He is highly praised by his students for his personal attention, patience, practical approach and teaching insights. He has a delightful and warm sense of humor.

Esquina Tango describes Javier as a warmly intense and generous talent belonging to Buenos Aires’ newer generation of tango dancers. Capital tangueros have nicknamed him the “El Limpiador” or “The Cleaner”given his consummate tidy-up and polishing skills. Javier has a fluid and intimate style of dancing. He seamlessly integrates a variety of influences and will provide you with valuable insights regardless of whether you consider yourself a devotee of milonguero style or a nuevo tango renegade. Javier is a favorite of the DC tango and Eastern Market community and became an integral part of Charlottesville Tango where he come back each year for Tango Oblivion not only as our maestro but also as our dear friend.